#WednesdayWisdom Version 1/3/2017




This weeks #WednesdayWisdom comes from Seth Dussault. Seth is a broadcaster for the American International College Yellow Jackets.  I asked Seth to provide two recommendations for aspiring Sport Media Professionals.

Here are Seth’s tips for those who are looking to enter the broadcasting and/or sports media industries.

1. Your teachers were right–you really never stop learning. Always be willing to add to your skill set and try new things!

2. There’s no shame in asking for advice from those around you. Be willing to ask for help–and utilize it!

Great advice from Seth. I would say becoming a life long learner and asking for advice are two things I try do on a consistent basis.  Being a sponge and absorbing the experience of other people contributes to my knowledge.  I am always seeking out advice and knowledge from those who have come before me.


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Follow Seth on Twitter at @AICJacketsVoice


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