#ThursdayThoughts DO,FAIL,REPEAT! Version 1/5/2017


Today’s thoughts come from Mike Murtaugh.  Mike is the Assistant Director of Marketing at Arkansas State University. He is 2x graduate of SUNY Brockport.

With the beginning of 2017, I find great value in gathering feedback from other people. This week’s #ThursdayThoughts, I wanted to ask Mike one question regarding 2016, and a question about his goals for 2017.

What is one mistake you made this past year? How did you learn from it?
This question is hard for me to answer. I don’t believe in mistakes.  Every decision you make is an opportunity to learn and grow. DO…FAIL…REPEAT
Did you make a New Years resolution related to your career? If so, why or why not?
My New Years resolution this year is to connect with 30 new people. Networking is key in most industries and college athletics is no different. It’s not who you know but who knows you. Taking the time to develop meaningful relationships will set you apart in the future.
“DO…FAIL…REPEAT.” What a great concept and outlook. This is something I will definitely use moving forward. Building a solid and true relationship is a lost art.  Pick-up the phone and call someone.  Set up face to face meetings.  Technology has made it easier to connect and stay in touch, but there is no substitute for personal and intimate interactions. What a great way to separate yourself from other people.
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