#WednesdayWisdom: Age is only a number 1/11/2017



I hope everyone is having a great week. Katie Prchlik is this week’s guest on #WednesdayWisdom for the Sport’s Industry.  Katie is a University of Michigan Alum and Marketing Assistant for Utah State Athletics.

We sat down and asked her the following questions…

1. What is one thing you would tell her yourself (last year 01/11/2016) you have learned over the last year?

 One thing I would tell myself that I’ve learned over the last year is that age doesn’t measure experience in this industry.

2. What’s one tip you have for someone who is interested in getting involved with social media/marketing for a Division 1 College Athletic Program?

    Follow a variety (conference,school size & division) of athletic accounts on various platforms.

I couldn’t agree more with Katie’s answer to the first question.  So many times people equate age with experience and skill.  This is definitely not the case.  Young Professional’s working in sports, strive for excellence. Go above and beyond your current job description. Be confident in your abilities.

To learn more about Katie and her experience follow her on Twitter @KatiePrchlik


For information on Sports Business follow Nick on Twitter @CIPbiz1988 and request to be added to his Sports Business Newsletter.

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