Sales & “Noone Said No An Extra Volunteer”



It’s no secret sales is an extremely challenging profession with loads of obstacles. It doesn’t matter what you are selling. I had the perfect person in mind when thinking of this topic.  Tyler Johnson is a great friend of mine and I wanted to get his thoughts on what he would tell someone who is considering a career move or wants to work in sales.

     Tyler played collegiate football at Northern Iowa and has worked in sports ever since.  Making stops at with the Chicago White Sox and Denver Nuggets.  Currently he is launching his own company called “Elev8, Educ8, Rejuven8” 

Let’s just jump right in . . . 

N.C.: What is one piece of advice you would give someone who is considering a career in sports sales?

T.J. The first thing I found most beneficial was reaching out to interview people that had jobs in sports and gaining their insight and experiences.  This gave me a realistic picture of expectations, opportunities and roles available in the sports world.   A few of those people I did interview with are relationships I still have today.

The second most important thing for myself was giving up weekends my senior year of college.  I volunteered with our athletic department, local minor league baseball team and a minor league hockey team.  I found this to be a huge differentiator in the interview process, giving me valuable experiences and stories to demonstrate my skills and effort.  No one said no to an extra volunteer!


   “Noone said no to an extra volunteer.” This is my new favorite quote. If you couldn’t tell I love reading and think its extremely important to dig deeper into various topics. Tyler shares a couple of books he has recently read, along with a couple of take a ways from each. 

N.C.: What are two books you have read recently you recommend? Why?

T.J.: Generation iY; Secrets to connecting with Today’s Teens & Young Adults in the Digital Age by Tim Elmore and The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Generation iY because change is constant and growth is optional.  It gives a great understanding of gaining the attention of the largest generation to meet our planet and other subsets of our cultures.

The Thank You Economy as it gives amazing insight to our adapting and relational business environment.  My volunteering I noted above was one way of putting the Thank You Economy to work.  Everybody wants, but it’s often those willing to give that gain opportunities that otherwise may have not been possible.

    I really hope everyone reading this takes it upon themselves to get out there and do some volunteering in 2017.  

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