Power of Email and Passion vs Emotion


     When I first graduated from college, I was involved in Strength and Conditioning. As someone who loved training, this seemed like a natural fit. It amazed me the influence a strength coach has over young student-athletes. You are viewed as a role model and someone who they can share their struggles and triumphs. 

      I gravitated to Coach McKeefery’s Iron Game Chalk Talk and different content he produced.  I have learned about relationships, training, organizations development among other things from Coach. This is why I was excited to get a few minutes of his time to answer a couple of my questions. 

N.C.: What was your biggest challenge breaking into the strength and conditioning field?

R.M.: When I got in, email was just becoming a popular form of communication and social media really didn’t exists.  Coming out of a small school with no network was the hardest part to breaking into the business.

   The millenial generation takes for granted the social media, networking, and ability to connect with people in your industry. 12-15 years ago it was a lot harder to network and form relationships.  If you lacked social capital, it was difficult to develop as a professional. These tools have provided an unlimited amount of potential if you have the initiative and drive to excel.

N.C.: What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self after all of the experience you have gained?

R.M.: I would tell myself that you can be passionate without being emotional.  When you invest as much as you do to make it in this field and others (Athletes, Coaches, Admin, etc) don’t reciprocate that you have a tendency to fly off the handle.  Being calm and handling each situation with grace saves relationships and coaching is all about relationships.  

Early on in my career I learned the importance of keeping my emotions in check.  Things will not always go your way. Use the 24 hour rule. If something upsets you, wait 24 hours until you bring it to someones attention. This usually allows you to clear your mind mentally. Being passionate without being emotional is such a great way to look at it. 

To connect and learn from Coach McKeefery visit his site below. . .


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