The Naked Truth Of Working And Advancing in Sport Industry



     Do you want to work in sports? Have you ever thought about choosing the sport industry as a career path? If you have, you are aware of the competition you face for jobs.  People’s passion  and love for sports is the major reason why so many people have dreams of working in sports.

     Paul Resnick is this week’s guest for #WednesdayWisdom.  Paul  is a Sport Administration Professor & Internship Director,  at the University of Miami.  How do you get ahead?  How do you separate yourself on a resume?  Paul is actively dealing with students every day, helping them break into the field. Who else better to ask these questions? 

N.C.: What can someone do too separate themselves from others on their resume?

P.R.: Find a way to showcase that you had a positive an impact on company in a previous position. If you can quantify something like being a revenue generator, that can go a long way. Potential employers are interested in the things you’ve done to prove successful. As they want to bring that success on into their company. You can’t go wrong if you prove that you’ve had strong value in previous positions.

     Results speak louder than words. Always find ways to measure the progress and impact you have had on a company. These can be quantitative (sales, revenue, new customers) or qualitative (team morale, referrals, testimonials, loyalty). Practice discussing the value you have had in past jobs. Actively presenting yourself in a non-bragging manner, will make yourself attractive to potential employers.

N.C. What are a couple of things someone should do on a consistent basis (outside of job) as part of a personal improvement plan?

P.R. People that want to get ahead of the game should consistently network with professionals in their industry. Not just collect business cards but truly establish relationships. Always stay up to date on your industry news. You never want to fall behind. Stay relevant by being active at industry conferences and events.

       Developing relationships is mentioned weekly with my guests. Technology makes it easier to connect and meet people.  It is up to each and every person to grow and maintain the relationship over time. Make sure you keep tabs on industry news by reading sports business publications.  

    Big thanks to Paul for taking some time out of his week to answer my questions and provide to sports professionals everywhere.

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