Mandatory Reading for Business Professionals




     Feeling stuck in your career? Need a couple new books to give you that extra “boost”? Look no further.   I have been an avid reader since I was a young kid. My sister and I hit the JACKPOT, as my mom used to take us to the library all of the time. Reading became a habit, something I have continued throughout my adult life, influencing my career in Sports Business.

   Over the last several years I have read many books, too many to count. The three below have stood out, really helping me. 


Mindset- Carol S. Dweck

     Carol is a Psychologist at Stanford University. She has performed thousands of hours of extensive research and has coined the term “Growth and Fixed Mindset.” A person in a growth-mindset enjoys challenges, while always trying to learn from their effort. They believe they have control over there future abilities (sport,school,career etc.).  Believe in unlimited potential is a key characteristic of someone in a growth mindset.

    A person in a fixed-mindset believes setbacks are an indication of weakness. They are afraid to take chances.  People in a fixed-mindset do not feel a sense of control when thinking into the future.  They believe traits such as intelligence and athletic ability are things you were born with. 

Mindset describes each of these thought processes, what causes them, and how to shift your focus. It has helped me focus on staying in the moment, controlling the things i can control, while eliminating significant amounts of stress. 

Things I can control

  1. Effort
  2. Attitude
  3. Learn from my mistakes
  4. Teachable Spirit

This I CAN’T control

  1. Other people
  2. Opinion of other people
  3. Actions of family and friends


The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

     Small daily activities compounded over an extended period time, produce HUGE results. Jeff Olson provides practical examples and discusses this concept in his book, “The Slight Edge.” The small daily activities are easy to do BUT they are also easy NOT to do.  You won’t notice right away whether you do these things are don’t do these things. This is where Jeff’s “Success Curve” comes in.  Only 5% of people have the discipline to complete these daily tasks.

Examples include . . .

  1. Read 10 Pages of a personal development book each day
  2. Clean 1 room in your house per day
  3. Walk 15 minutes per day (Begin a weight loss program)
  4. Save $10 a week ($520 after 1 year saved)
  5. Work on a small project (at work) for 10 minutes a day

   Every great accomplishment starts with simple actions.  


GRIT – Angela Duckworth

This is a great book which discusses the “power of passion and perseverance.” Are you gritty? Do you have grit? Grit is the ability to overcome obstacles en route to a larger and more fulfilling goal.  

   Angela Duckworth has done research and observed thousands of people from all different industries and walks of life. What do all of these successful people have in common? Success doesn’t come down to your intelligence, gender, race, or economic status.  All of these individuals have Grit. 

Throughout the book Angela details specific interviews she has conducted with several high achievers such as Pete Carroll. They all have a strong desire and love for their life work, but have had to overcome significant challenges throughout their career. 

    I have viewed challenges and adversity differently since I have read this book. I have adopted the concept of “grit,” trying to exhibit these qualities I am not the smartest, wealthiest, or most innovative person. What I do have is extreme love for sports business along with a no quit mentality. Research shows these are great traits. 

Again, GOT GRIT? You better.

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