Snapchat’s Future in Sports? Youtube and Top Sports Hastags


     Snapchat recently filed it’s IPO and began exchanging on the New York Stock Exchange last week. There is great debate as to whether Snapchat is sustainable and has the ability to grow. Each Social Media channel is being graded by Facebook’s success and the money it made for its investors.

   Tariq Ahamd is this week’s guest for my weekly blog post focusing on Sports Business. Tariq is a social media director while hosting #smsportschat. In 2016 Tariq was also listed as a “Top 50” Sports Business Twitter you should follow by Forbes.

     I think you will enjoy his view on Snapchat, why he started his own Youtube channel called “Sports Court” and a few resources he finds valuable. 


N.C.: What are your thoughts on Snapchat and it’s potential with sports marketing?

T.A.: Potential is huge – and the impact is already happening across the industry. Sports marketers and sports brands are tapping into a new demographic with Snapchat users, and they are going where the fans are, as opposed to pushing the content out. Gatorade is definitely a leader in this spac, as they have had large-scale success with Snapchat. Since 2016.


N.C.: I am a subscriber to your “Sports Court” Youtube Channel. What motivated you to create this? What are your goals?

T.A.: Wanted to try something new and build my skillset. Had always wanted to start a YouTube channel but it took me a while to think of a concept. Wanted it to be something different than others weren’t doing. It’s obviously a work in progress, but my ultimate goal with the channel is to become a full-time content creator through YouTube (along with building out the channel/brand) and to hopefully provide sports news in an entertaining fashion.

N.C.:Do you have 2 or 3 resources you use on a consistent basis to stay up to date in the Sports Business?

T.A.: SportTechie newsletter, Hashtag Daily newsletter, & hashtags on Twitter.

     I am a little skeptical with Snapchat. They will need to innovate and create ways for people to develop larger followings in order to generate more interest from businesses and companies looking for an advertising advantage.  I love the potential it has for “behind the scene” footage with Spectacles.  College and Professional teams have allowed people to see content not available on other channels.  I included a link  above to go check out Tariq’s Youtube Channel. He puts a pretty cool spin on sports with a little bit of humor.  We all  need to laugh more, so go check it out. 

    Hope to see you on Thursday evening at 9:00 p.m. est for the #smsportschat. Keep a lookout for #smsports and #sportsbiz for up to date content and resources.






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