4 Thoughts from Bold Worldwide CEO on #Sportsbiz in 2017



    Working at home is definitely not for everyone. I love it, because it fits my personality.  Being at home completely eliminates distractions. As someone who is easily distracted, this increases my productivity.

     Over the last 3 years, I have began listening to podcasts throughout the day.  Sports business, leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship are a few topics I like listening to.  Many times these podcasts are fairly long and I tend to lose interest.   I came across the Sports Marketing Huddle by Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy about 2 months ago. These podcasts typically run 15-20 minutes and are packed full of valuable insight and sport business information.   I have personally gained quite a bit of knowledge regarding digital and social media listening to Brian and Rob and will continue to use this as a go to resource.

    Brian Cristiano is the CEO and Founder of Bold Worldwide. Bold is the world’s leading Sports Advertising Agency. BOLD executes Social, Digital & Video Marketing focused on Sports, Fitness & Lifestyle Consumers.  

    Building a business is extremely challenging. I looked forward to connecting with Brian to discuss his business journey, the future of digital media, and his favorite Sports Marketing Huddle.   I was very pleased Brian listed Tracy Marek CMO of the Cleveland Cavaliers as one of his favorite SMH’s. Being from Cleveland this brought a smile to my face and was really cool to hear about the Cleveland Cavs marketing initiatives. 


Nick Cipkus: What is two things you wish you would have know about running a company before starting Bold Worldwide?

Brian Cristiano:  When I started my first company I severely underestimated the amount of revenue needed to get it off the ground and running. It took me a few years in the mid 2000’s to really understand what it actually takes. 

When I started BOLD Worldwide I had a lot more business experience, however I would have focused on a niche sooner (sports marketing).
Nick Cipkus: Being a sports marketing professional, what are two “out of the box” trends you see forming over the next 12-18 months?
Brian Cristiano: Live video, especially Facebook video will continue to grow for brands and teams who can establish the right content and time for their audience. Additionally, shorter video stories that are ongoing will continue to grow. For example, brands and teams that use athletes and players for ongoing content and storytelling, incorporating them into the brand. 
SPorts Marketing Huddle
Nick Cipkus: Which Sports Marketing Huddle podcast is your favorite? Why? (If you could include this one that would be great)
Brian Cristiano: I really enjoyed Episode 140 with Tracy Marek, CMO of the Cleveland Cavaliers – she really gave some perspective and insight into a championship team and the behind the scenes of that environment.





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