4 Reasons The Cavs Nailed The Goodyear Sponsorship



Image Credit to Cavs

     The Cleveland Cavaliers became the 6th NBA Team to name a jersey sponsor for the 2017-2018 season.  Goodyear was announced as their official jersey partner on May 15th, 2017.  I have always been skeptical of jersey sponsors and the role they would play in professional sports franchises.   With that being said I believe the Cavs absolutely NAILED the announcement of their Partnership with Goodyear.   Here’s are the reasons why. . . 

  • Timing– The Cavs  “officially” announced the Partnership with Goodyear two days before the start of the Eastern Conference Finals.  They haven’t played in almost a week after sweeping the Raptors in 4 games. During a normal “quiet” period, they created some excitement and publicity.  While this could have been a mere coincidence, it still had an impact on the attention it received. 


  • Co-Branding– Instead of just slapping a logo on a jersey, the Cavs created a full scale Partnership with Goodyear.  The Cavs “C” is on the famous Goodyear blimp.   They also released co-branded apparel in their team shop available for purchase.  Check out some of the “exclusive” apparel below. 


IMG_9144                  IMG_9145

Images Credited to Cavs
  • Geography-  The Cavs identify the whole state of Ohio as their market.  They made sure the outline of the state was included in the official image that was released.    Akron is known as the “Rubber City,” in large part because of the tire manufacturers located within city limits.  Goodyear is one of the city’s largest employers.  With the announcement, the  Cavs strengthened their relationship with Northeast Ohio.  


  • Goodwill – It’s no secret Lebron James grew up in Akron. He is very proud of his hometown and works hard to improve the lives of those who live in the city. I can’t help but imagine the Cavs would like to strengthen their relationship with Lebron and the city of Akron.  Lebron James released a statement (below) regarding the announcement earlier today.  



Image Credit to Goodyear

  I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think about the Partnership? 




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