3 Reasons NOT To Wash The Car At Home This Summer



     As we reach the mid-point of June, summer is upon us in Northeast Ohio.  Sun, warm weather, and barbecues are a few things you will notice over the next several months. With the warmer weather, you will also see more and more people washing their cars in the driveway. While this is completely understandable, here a few reasons to continue using your local car wash this summer. . . 

  • Water Conservation – While exact numbers differ with each wash (machine, wash type, location etc.), studies show you use 5-20 times LESS water at a professional car wash than washing your car at home.
  • Time– The summer months are a busy time of year. Families are running in multiple directions. Time is at a premium. Washing your car at home uses more time. Spend more time with your family this summer and use a local wash.
  • Drainage- Federal regulations require all car washes to install special drainage systems on their property. Soap and chemicals used on your car, differ than those used inside of your house.  

      We hope you enjoyed your first installment of Zappy’s News.  Summer is a great time in Cleveland, Ohio.  Zappy’s hopes we can be apart of your summer and help you enjoy it while riding in a clean car. 

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