Why You MUST Evalute To Be Successful


The first step in creating a new plan is evaluating your current strategy.  This is applicable for any person or business.  Often times this step is skipped. The first questions you must answer is below.

  • What are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish? When answering these questions be as specific as possible.  In business terms, these are generally referred to as “key performance indicators”. If KPI’s are met,  generally speaking, you are on track to reach your larger business goals.


  • What are you currently doing to reach your goals and/or objectives? List all of the current activities you are performing( if any) as a business.  Break these down into different categories (accounting, marketing, sales, etc.) This will allow you to identify any trends.


  • What is working? Are there current tasks you are performance that aren’t effective? Conduct an honest evaluation measuring the success of the activities (in relation to KPI’s) listed in step 2.


Answering the questions above will help you lay a solid foundation in evaluating your current situation. At this point, you can begin to build on your strengths while identifying and eliminating your weaknesses.


Underdog Sports LLC is devoted to helping sport businesses, training facilities and fitness companies grow their companies. Underdog Sports provides support and resources related to digital media, content marketing, market research, and cold sales.


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