6 Major Accomplishments For Liberty Performance Training



     Liberty Performance Training and Underdog Sports LLC have been working together for over 4 months. As stated previously, our goal was to grow Liberty’s online presence, while strengthening Liberty’s brand awareness in Arizona, but more specifically the Phoenix Metro Area. Phoenix was just named the 5th largest city in the United States. The size of the Phoenix market excites Liberty Performance and provides a huge opportunity to positively impact youth athletes. 


Nishel hitting some great log clean and presses as part of his strongman circuit. Photo Credit: Rich Mulder

      With Rich’s military and exercise science background, we have a very unique atmosphere, providing comprehensive athletic and leadership development. We have made great progress and are really excited about our plans moving forward. Below you will find several of our highlights. . . 

  • Rich recently submitted his first piece as an “Expert Contributor” for the Strength Performance Network. 
  • Several local collegiate and professional strength coaches have stopped by the facility or contributed content through interviews with Liberty. 
  • Liberty is hosting their first Strongman Competition: “Arizona Beer Bullies 2018”
  • Rich will be speaking at the NSCA Conference in October. Topic will be, “Bridging The Gap Between Art and Science. How Your Leadership Directly Improves Client and Athlete Performance.”
  • Twitter Impressions:
    • 4 month average prior to working with Underdog Sports LLC = 5,468
    • 4 month average WORKING with Underdog Sports LLC = 152,275
  • We have been able to attract clients and potential clients through our digital marketing campaign. 


Professional Volleyball Training Template. Image Credit: Rich Mulder

     Anything worthwhile takes time. It sounds cliche, but is reality. We are thankful for the support from our clients, coaches, and everyone else who has contributed to Liberty Performance in some way. Underdog Sports LLC is helping bridge the gap between where Liberty Performance is and where it wants to go (as a business).  If you are interested in being a part of the Liberty Performance Team in some capacity please let me know. We are always looking for contributors and individuals to help spread our mission.  Each day is a new opportunity to provide value and develop long lasting relationships. 


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