4 NFL Teams and Their Brand Identities



     NFL Training Camps opened this past week. The start of training camp signals the beginning of a new season and identity for each team and organization in the NFL. Establishing a new organizational identity can be as simple as creating a new hashtag to reveal your companies mission supported by the team philosophy on the field. 

     This past weekend I searched each NFL Twitter account. Some teams had clear cut identities while others were missing.  I have included several of my favorite below.

      Does your business have a clear cut identity? If not, use some of the themes below as examples. Underdog Sports helps businesses craft their strategy, ensuring  identity aligns with their mission and values. 



     The Cleveland Browns have hired a new Chief Marketing Officer.  #UnitedByStripes is this years theme.   The city of Cleveland is an extremely close and strong community united by their sport teams.  The stripes on the Browns’ helmets, were prominently displayed all over their training camp headquarters. This unity has been missing the last several years.  The new marketing team is excited and optimistic about the new changes and impact it will have on the cities excitement for the team. 



Birds of a feather, flock together.  #RavensFlock is fitting for a team and organization who has always been close and tight knit. 




      Up until last seasons Super Bowl run, the Falcons were a team who underachieved.  They really needed to “#RiseUp” in order to reach their potential.  This hashtag fit the state of their organization. They overcame challenges last year and will be expected to do the same this year. 




      During the Cam Newton era, the Carolina Panthers have emphasized running the football and playing great defense.    If you have watched any Panthers’ games over the last several years you have heard the term, “Keep Pounding.” While this mirrors their play on the field, it also has a significant meaning for the organization as a whole 

Keep Pounding has become a team mantra in honor of late Carolina Panthers player and coach Sam Mills. Mills first used the phrase Keep Pounding as a coach in an emotional speech to the team prior to the Panthers’ playoff game versus the Dallas Cowboys on Jan. 2, 2004. He spoke about commitment, dedication to teammates, team effort, and never giving up. Mills asked the players to Keep Pounding.” http://www.panthers.com/community/keep-pounding.html


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