3 questions with MLB #Sportbiz Expert Maury Brown


   Photo Credit: Maury Brown

     September is winding down, which means the playoff races are heating up. Major League Baseball just held their first “Player’s Weekend,” a few weeks ago.  MLB historically has been very traditional, sticking to old ideals and practices.  Player’s Weekend was a change in the right direction. 

     Maury Brown is owner of BizBall LLC, and is a writer for Forbes SportsMoney and Baseball Writer’s Association Of America . I interviewed and asked him a few MLB business related questions. We discuss Player’s Weekend, his favorite batting analytic, and his love for the business side of baseball. 

Nick Cipkus : What were your thoughts on MLB’s First “Players Weekend?

Maury Brown: It was great on several levels. To begin with, on the very first day that Rob Manfred assumed the Commissioner’s position he made it clear that supporting youth baseball and softball in all its forms was going to be his #1 priority, and Players Weekend was largely about that. Secondly, it added some personality to games for the players. Finally, it opened a new revenue source for the league and players.




Nick Cipkus: What is your favorite batting statistic to use as a gauge for player success? 

Maury Brown: This is really a trick question. I don’t subscribe to any one stat. I see them all as colors in a palette that paints a picture. I never lean on just one. But, I find that Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is a good place to start. 

Nick Cipkus: What fostered your love of the business side of baseball? 

Maury Brown: As a young kid growing up in the Bay Area, Charlie Finley and the A’s caught my eye. The uniforms, Harvey the Rabbit; all of the stuff around games played were an interest from my very youngest exposure to the game. Later, as a researcher and analyst, I wanted to see about how market information and the process of funding and developing ballparks would lend itself to my home market of Portland, OR when the relocation of the Expos allowed civic leaders to do coordinated efforts. Beyond whether a team is relocating or examination for the purpose of expansion, detailed research is required and working with the city and others allowed for that. 


 If you love baseball, we HIGHLY recommend checking out Maury on Forbes. The link is included below.   Maury produces high quality fresh content around baseball and business.   Thank you for your time and answering these questions for Underdog Sports LLC.




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