Why Social Media Is Important To Cold Calling For Your Sales Reps

Social media

      Sales, and how we sell, has changed over the last decade with the advancement of digital media. Using social media as a supplement to your cold outreach can be an effective tool if used the proper way.  Cold calling can be very challenging, especially when people don’t pick up the phone.  They aren’t necessarily ignoring you or lack interest in your product or service. Many times they are just engaged with work, email, and yes you guessed it- social media. 

      When you have a difficult time reaching someone through phone or email (B2B selling), it might be worth trying to connect with that person or their business through social media to prompt a response. I have included a few ways I have had success connecting with people through social media.

  • Simply sending an invitation through LinkedIn
  • Engage with the individual or business on Twitter by liking, retweeting, or responding to their tweets
  • Like or comment on Facebook posts 
  • A direct message introducing yourself on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn 

     What are some tactics or ways you use social media when conducting cold outreach? The tactics I use might not work in every situation, but they have . 

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