4 Tools You Should Be Using To Create Dynamic Content via Sean Reilly




      Developing a talented content creation team is a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.  Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have the ability to hire a graphic designer or team of people to develop content.  

Underdog Sports was able to ask Sean Reilly a few questions about graphic design and what tools he recommends for small businesses looking to develop high quality content. Sean is a Graphic Designer for USA Football and is the Co-Founder of Pick6.  You can view some of his work here. http://seandreilly.com/

Nick Cipkus: Many small businesses don’t have the ability to hire their own Graphic Designer. What do you recommend for small businesses who are trying to create their own content and are multi-tasking?

Sean Reilly: I would recommend downloading adobe photoshop and watching a few simple tutorials on how to use it online. Leearning a few simple tools and techniques can go a long way for creating your own content.


Nick Cipkus: What are your 4 favorite apps/tools for editing pictures and content?

Sean Reilly: I love using Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom is great for adjusting photography. Adobe Illustrator is great for creating logos and recently I have been using Adobe After Effects a lot. Great for creating videos and more dynamic content.


Nick Cipkus: How do you go about designing a Graphic Designing plan?

Sean Reilly: Much of the time I will sketch out a couple ideas on paper to get a visualization of what I am trying to do. After that I will gather any resources I may need and execute the design.




Sean has some very dynamic logos and images as you can see from the ones included in this post. Underdog Sports recommends experimenting with some of the tools and strategies discussed to improve your content strategy. We highly encourage you to follow Sean on Twitter @seandereilly   Make sure to check out his site and some of his available wallpapers here http://seandreilly.com/sports-wallpapers 

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