Why did Danielle Berman create DB Consulting?

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     I am currently reading a book called “Burn The Business Plan,” by Carl J. Schramm. The book is about, “what great entrepreneurs really do.” Often times people find solutions or better ways to do things while working in their current job, leading them to start their own businesses. Underdog Sports has discovered this first hand. Many of the businesses we speak with have started their companies while working a full-time job. 

Danielle Berman is the founder and CEO of DB Consulting. DB Consulting is a full-service sports philanthropy consulting firm that focuses on educating and assisting professional athletes with their philanthropic game plan. Danielle’s clients/partners are making an impact with their philanthropic ventures off the field and/or courts.

Their mission aims to help professional athletes, non-profits and brands navigate the world of sports philanthropy and athlete activism so they can learn how to master their brand and make an impact in the world around them.

Nick Cipkus: What was the initial reason or idea that caused you to create DB Consulting?

Danielle Berman: I used to work for a former athlete and his foundation where we did a lot of work with other athletes. I started to see many of these athletes lacked a background and understanding about the world of nonprofits, even though many of them had their own nonprofits in their name. I realized there was no one advocating and educating the athlete about the nonprofit world, and I decided to fill that gap. My goal is to help educate and guide athletes to give back more effectively and make a bigger impact.

DB 2

Nick Cipkus:  What are two things about entrepreneurship you know now that you wish you would’ve known prior to starting your own company?

Danielle Berman: One thing I wish I would have known or done better research on was the legal and tax requirements for being a business owner. I’m lucky I have an accountant in my family who can help me with the tax parts, but that world was totally foreign to me before stepping out on my own with DB Consulting. I also wish I would have known how difficult it can be to work for yourself. You have to be motivated all the time and you have to make sure things get done. You are the only one holding yourself accountable. I knew that going in, but I didn’t realize how challenging it could be.

Nick Cipkus:  Do you have any advice for people who want to start their own business?

Danielle Berman: People are going to try and discourage you from jumping in. Don’t let them. Only you know what works for you. There’s no right path to being an entrepreneur. Sometimes it starts as a side gig, sometimes you can quit everything else and focus entirely on the business. Whatever makes sense to you, is what you should do. Don’t let people talk you out of getting started, even if it is just on the side.


     There is a lot of negativity surrounding us every day. This is especially true with the current sports media landscape. We hear more negative stories than positive, which is why people like Danielle Berman are important. Tackle What’s Next,” is DB Consulting’s tag line/motto. Underdog Sports encourages you to follow DB Consulting on both their Instagram and Twitter. As always we are always thankful for people like Danielle to take some time out of their busy schedule to provide some insight and context into their entrepreneurial journey.


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