How Can You Be Certain Social Media Marketing Works?

Champion 2

     How can you be positive social media has the ability to drive revenue? This is a common question I hear when speaking with businesses. I have a personal example that recently generated a few hundred dollars of revenue for Champion.

     It all started with a simple Instagram post (seen below) by One37pm.  Gary Vaynerchuck recently launched “One37pm,” a new media brand covering the intersection of entrepreneurship and culture.

One 37


    Champion hoodies and t-shirts were a staple in my wardrobe growing up as a kid, but it has been a long time since I bought a Champion branded piece of clothing.  The image I saw on Instagram prompted me to go check out Champion’s Instagram page. I was surprised at the new styles and apparel offerings displayed on their social media channels and website. I spent a couple of days searching the internet for various Champion products.  There were quite a few items I liked and was interested in purchasing.  As I was searching, I remembered my birthday was coming up in a few weeks.  My family asked if I had any gift ideas for them.  The result?


     I have no way of knowing if the original image was apart of a Partnership between One37pm and Champion. What I do know for a fact is I never would’ve had Champion top of mind if I had not seen the first image.  The presentation and content on their Instagram was extremely important as well. There is no doubt this money would’ve been spent with another brand or company.

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