Why NBA Players Should Shift Their Focus Off The Court

      Most small businesses in the United States generate less than $5,000,000 in revenue each year.  $5,012,892.00 represents the average salary of an NBA player in 2017 according to a Gazette Review article in March of 2017. http://gazettereview.com/2017/02/average-nba-salary-much-nba-players-make/     There are roughly 600 players in the whole NBA. This number includes the active roster, the… Read More

Why Liberty Performance Training?

       Why choose Liberty Performance Training when there are so many options? Two words. YOU matter. Liberty Performance Training was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in May of 2015 with the primary goals of increasing individual athletic performance, motivation, and quality of life for athletes at any level. We are more than just a… Read More

How To Maximize Your Digital Presence with Dr. Karen Freberg

     Underdog Sports works with our Partners in hopes of supporting their goals and helping them develop and grow their business.       There are many small business owners who try to manage and grow their social media following, while performing the day to day activities of a business owner.  Our goal of this… Read More