Why did Danielle Berman create DB Consulting?

To Visit Underdog Sports NEW store click on the image below.      I am currently reading a book called “Burn The Business Plan,” by Carl J. Schramm. The book is about, “what great entrepreneurs really do.” Often times people find solutions or better ways to do things while working in their current job, leading… Read More

How To Maximize Your Digital Presence with Dr. Karen Freberg

     Underdog Sports works with our Partners in hopes of supporting their goals and helping them develop and grow their business.       There are many small business owners who try to manage and grow their social media following, while performing the day to day activities of a business owner.  Our goal of this… Read More

4 Tools You Should Be Using To Create Dynamic Content via Sean Reilly

            Developing a talented content creation team is a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.  Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have the ability to hire a graphic designer or team of people to develop content.   Underdog Sports was able to ask Sean Reilly a few questions about graphic design and what… Read More

4 Thoughts from Bold Worldwide CEO on #Sportsbiz in 2017

      Working at home is definitely not for everyone. I love it, because it fits my personality.  Being at home completely eliminates distractions. As someone who is easily distracted, this increases my productivity.      Over the last 3 years, I have began listening to podcasts throughout the day.  Sports business, leadership, marketing,… Read More

Sports Globalization? It’s A Real Thing! See Why

    Fight Passport       Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale (credit: Google).  Technology has sped globalization and the impact it has had on our lives.  Smartphones and social media channels have made it easy to speak, talk, and… Read More

Power of Email and Passion vs Emotion

     When I first graduated from college, I was involved in Strength and Conditioning. As someone who loved training, this seemed like a natural fit. It amazed me the influence a strength coach has over young student-athletes. You are viewed as a role model and someone who they can share their struggles and triumphs.   … Read More