What I Learned By Reading Brands Win Championships

     Three years ago I won an Amazon gift card during a contest at work. Whenever I receive a gift card for Amazon, I use it to buy books. I vividly remember going on Amazon’s book section and searching “sports business” in the tool bar. As I filtered through the responses, one book stood… Read More

Why Is Owning Your Message Important To A Communication Strategy?

     Communication is challenging in any company or organization. Personalities, ideas, and thoughts are balanced by the leader of the group. Those in leadership positions, try to have everyone moving and working towards a common goal when developing a strategy.       Katie Gwinn Hewitt has experienced this first hand. Katie is Assistant Director… Read More

2 Things Mike Learned To Prepare Him For the Big 10

      Photo Credit  :http://iowahawkeyedecals.com/item_405/Iowa-Hawkeyes–Multicolored-Tigerhawk-vinyl-decal.htm      Michael Murtagh and I connected in December of 2016 through the #YPSportsChat. I was extremely happy last week when I saw he accepted the offer of becoming the Assistant Director of Marketing for the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Nike said it best, “Greatness is earned, never awarded.” I know… Read More

Life Lessons & Hockey’s Impact On Career Choice

       I took part in my first #YPSportsChat back in November of 2016. I am so glad Katie Prchlik started this chat because I have been able to connect with some awesome Sports Professionals from all over the world. One of those individuals is Jen Heisel. Jen is Assistant Media Relations director at San Diego… Read More

TCU Athlete Development & Life Lessons

         Sports provide awesome development and learning opportunities for Student-Athletes. There are countless life lessons learned while playing any sport.  This weeks #WednesdayWisdom gives us a Coaches perspective.  Zach Dechant is Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, for TCU Baseball and TCU Football QB’s.      It is no secret College Strength… Read More