Why Is Owning Your Message Important To A Communication Strategy?

     Communication is challenging in any company or organization. Personalities, ideas, and thoughts are balanced by the leader of the group. Those in leadership positions, try to have everyone moving and working towards a common goal when developing a strategy.       Katie Gwinn Hewitt has experienced this first hand. Katie is Assistant Director… Read More

4 Thoughts from Bold Worldwide CEO on #Sportsbiz in 2017

      Working at home is definitely not for everyone. I love it, because it fits my personality.  Being at home completely eliminates distractions. As someone who is easily distracted, this increases my productivity.      Over the last 3 years, I have began listening to podcasts throughout the day.  Sports business, leadership, marketing,… Read More

3 Metrics Used By The Cleveland Indians To Measure Business Goals

           The 2016 Central Division and American League defending champions, Cleveland Indians, play their first home game of the 2017 season on April 11th against the Chicago White Sox. It’s no secret the Indians have struggled with home attendance for several years. In 2016, they were at the bottom of Major… Read More

2 Things Mike Learned To Prepare Him For the Big 10

      Photo Credit  :http://iowahawkeyedecals.com/item_405/Iowa-Hawkeyes–Multicolored-Tigerhawk-vinyl-decal.htm      Michael Murtagh and I connected in December of 2016 through the #YPSportsChat. I was extremely happy last week when I saw he accepted the offer of becoming the Assistant Director of Marketing for the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Nike said it best, “Greatness is earned, never awarded.” I know… Read More

College Coaching, $$$$, Wise vs. Right

       This weeks #ThursdayThoughts was submitted by Coach Jamy Belcher. Jamy is a Certified John Maxwell Executive Coach and Professional Speaker. He is a Former college basketball coach and state champion Athletic Director. What does it take to become a College Basketball Coach? Many individuals aspire to coach collegiate basketball at some point in… Read More

What’s it like to work in the NFL Players Association?

      In keeping with the Super Bowl theme, #Thursdaythoughts guest this week is Amanda Shank.  Amanda is a Senior Manager of Licensing and Business Development for the NFL Players Association. I have an extreme passion for football. I fell in love with the game at a very early age. My passion has only grown… Read More

PhD Style on Sponsorships, Sales, & Branding

               This weeks guest comes from sunny Miami Florida aka Hurricane Country.  Windy Dees is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Sponsorship at the University of Miami.  It’s not every day you have the opportunity to speak with a PhD, especially one in your field.      So thankful Windy… Read More

Power of Email and Passion vs Emotion

     When I first graduated from college, I was involved in Strength and Conditioning. As someone who loved training, this seemed like a natural fit. It amazed me the influence a strength coach has over young student-athletes. You are viewed as a role model and someone who they can share their struggles and triumphs.   … Read More

Life Lessons & Hockey’s Impact On Career Choice

       I took part in my first #YPSportsChat back in November of 2016. I am so glad Katie Prchlik started this chat because I have been able to connect with some awesome Sports Professionals from all over the world. One of those individuals is Jen Heisel. Jen is Assistant Media Relations director at San Diego… Read More