What is Augmented Reality And Why You Should Be Using It

Augmented Reality is growing in popularity and provides consumers the opportunity to experience different products. What is AR? Augmented Reality allows consumers to preview products or experience services before making a purchase.  The goal of Augmented Reality is to help the consumer make the correct choice the first time they purchase a product or service. … Read More

Is Snapchat a Toy?

  This piece is brought to you by Tod Meisner.      This a topic which I hope generates some debate for those in the #sportsbiz, marketing and advertising worlds. I want to talk Snapchat. Specifically, I want to talk Snapchat as a marketing and advertising tool.        Why? Because I’m a long… Read More

4 Thoughts from Bold Worldwide CEO on #Sportsbiz in 2017

      Working at home is definitely not for everyone. I love it, because it fits my personality.  Being at home completely eliminates distractions. As someone who is easily distracted, this increases my productivity.      Over the last 3 years, I have began listening to podcasts throughout the day.  Sports business, leadership, marketing,… Read More