The 5 Sports Businesses Of The Week

We use our social media channels throughout the week to feature businesses doing great things in the sports industry. These businesses include youth sports organizations, technology/software, sports apparel and sports equipment companies among others. Our goal is to bring about awareness of these businesses and encourage people to support them. Underdog Sports LLC was created in… Read More


What is Augmented Reality And Why You Should Be Using It

Augmented Reality is growing in popularity and provides consumers the opportunity to experience different products. What is AR? Augmented Reality allows consumers to preview products or experience services before making a purchase.  The goal of Augmented Reality is to help the consumer make the correct choice the first time they purchase a product or service. … Read More


3 D1 Basketball Training ?’s With Brighton Hill

Image Courtesy: (http://www.astateredwolves.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=207062)         It’s hard to believe basketball season is upon us once again. Division 1 College Basketball practice started on September 29th, while NBA teams started training camp on September 26th. Sure, “official” practice is underway, but these basketball players have been grinding for several months in preparation for the… Read More

Are your sponsorships actually working

     Underdog Sports started featuring sports businesses through our social media channels over the last couple of months. We wanted to highlight entrepreneurs who are making an impact in sports business and inspire other who have ideas, to take action.  I came across TRAK Software (formerly Sponsorship Buddy), and was impressed by the work they… Read More

Why did Danielle Berman create DB Consulting?

To Visit Underdog Sports NEW store click on the image below.      I am currently reading a book called “Burn The Business Plan,” by Carl J. Schramm. The book is about, “what great entrepreneurs really do.” Often times people find solutions or better ways to do things while working in their current job, leading… Read More

5 Businesses Of The Week

     Underdog Sports helps small sports business grow through a variety of different services.  Over the last year and half we have had the opportunity to work with a number of businesses. We find great inspiration in hearing the stories of entrepreneurs and the passion they have for their mission/purpose for starting their business… Read More

4 Ways To Stay Relevant In Today’s Marketing World

    This piece is brought to you by Tod Mesiner       As we approach graduation season, a popular topic that’s appearing on my social feeds is advice for those about to graduate. While this post is being published around the same time, I try not to wait until just this time of… Read More